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Rating: PG
Genre: angst
Characters: Eeteuk, Kyuhyun
Warning: death, an appearance by h-e-double hockey sticks
Summary: Eeteuk goes to find Kyuhyun.
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior.
A/N: For iwufsuju@sjfh.net (hazzie)

Jungsu carefully put his feet in his tan snow boots, wriggling his toes around to get used to the sensation. Standing up, he took his navy windbreaker off the coat hanger and opened the door, only to be met with a white world and a cold temperature. He hastily pulled his arms through his windbreaker and zipped it up, not wanting to lose any of his already scarce body heat.

Locking the door, he began his first three-mile trek through last night’s snow.

It snowed heavily last night, so all the leafless tress and the burgundy rooftops were blanketed with a white coldness. The early morning sky was a melancholy grey, and even if Jungsu squinted his eyes into the distance, he wouldn’t be able to detect the faint horizon line that separated the sky from the earth.

A slight wind slid pass his face, chilling his nose and bringing tears to his eyes, but all he could think of was his hat, which he left on the coffee table. He really shouldn’t have left it there. Most of the body's heat escapes through the head, and Jungsu really wished that he had worn his hat.

He turned around, his eyes following the depressions of his boots in the snow.


Jungsu opened his eyes slowly but immediately closed them once the sun flashed too brightly. Groaning inwardly, he sat up with his eyes still closed. When the red behind his eyelids disappeared, he knew that Kyuhyun was in front of him, so he opened his eyes, welcoming a sight of his grinning boyfriend.

“Get up,” commanded Kyuhyun as he pulled Jungsu off the sand.

They had spontaneously driven to the beach in the afternoon instead of going out to lunch. As they drove by the beach, Kyuhyun gleefully demanded that they stop, excited by the scent of the salty air.

Standing up with the help of Kyuhyun, Jungsu glumly asked, “What are we doing?”

Laughing, Kyuhyun replied, “We’re going to walk along the beach. Near the water, so that our feet can get wet.”

Groaning, Jungsu stopped to roll up his navy pants. He should be at the office right now; he could get fired.

“Why are we doing this?” he muttered as he trudged beside Kyuhyun, who looked absolutely delighted with this little promenade.

Kyuhyun laughed again. “We’re being all cliché-like. Just like in the movies.”

Squishing the wet sand between his toes, Jungsu whined, “I still don’t see why this is important.”

“It’s not,” Kyuhyun dismissed airily. “But look behind you.”

Curious, Jungsu turned his head to look behind him, but he couldn’t see anything other than the people on the beach. It was a workday, so the beach wasn’t overpopulated. It was also autumn, and that wasn’t the season for beaches and bikinis.

“I don’t see anything,” he stated.

Kyuhyun laughed again, irritating Jungsu even more. He couldn’t understand what was so funny. “You should look closely.” Instead of answering, Jungsu lightly pushed the taller but younger man. “Look at our footsteps.”

Taking the clue, Jungsu examined the ground, but he couldn’t see much. Their footsteps were washed away, leaving little holes. “It’s only holes, Kyuhyun.”

Kyuhyun pointed his right index finger into the air like a college professor making a point. “Exactly!” Jungsu couldn’t help but stare at him confusedly. Sometimes, the labyrinth that was Kyuhyun’s mind was too much for him to handle. “Can you imagine it? We walk, breathe, live, and do all that fun stuff. But in the end, we leave no legacy. At least none that the earth will remember. You and I will disappear. Mind blowing, isn’t it?”

“Are you an existentialist?” Jungsu joked, arousing another fit of laughter from Kyuhyun.

Sighing, Jungsu realized that he couldn’t return for his hat. He had already gone a block from his house, and it would be hell to fight through all that snow.

Turning around, he continued to traipse through the dense snow.

He must have traipsed forever because before he knew it, he was only one mile away from his destination. The sun was up, but the clouds blocked out the rays, leaving a sickly yellow pallor in the sky.

People were also up and about, crowding the streets with their silver cars and breaking the air with their senseless honking and shouting. Because of that, Jungsu was glad that he chose to walk instead of drive.

Making a right turn, Jungsu entered the public park. It was a shortcut. And as an added bonus, it was quiet. The snow seemed to have dampened everything.

Glancing at the scenery around him, Jungsu was reminded of a snow globe. Everything was so white. If he was a poet, he could probably write an epic poem about the whiteness of the snow.

He continued walking because it was a long way to where he needed to be.

When he arrived at the patch of cherry trees, he stopped and sat on a bench, which also covered with snow.

“Look how beautiful the cherry blossoms are!” exclaimed Kyuhyun as his eyes roamed over the white and pink foliage.

“I’m looking,” Jungsu stated. He could never match Kyuhyun’s enthusiasm for the little wonders. Besides, the cherry trees always bloomed around this time of the year. It wasn’t special.

It was spring, and Kyuhyun suddenly wanted to walk to the park. A couple of pleas and kisses later, they were there, meandering through the green maze and stopping every now and then to admire nature.

Dressed in faded jeans and a white polo, Kyuhyun looked the part of a lax teenager without a care in the world. His chocolate-colored hair was disheveled and partly covered his eyes, highlighting his care-freeness.

While Kyuhyun chewed on a nectarine that he bought from a nearby vendor, Jungsu took the time to sit down on a bench to rest his legs. Whoever made this park so big should be disemboweled, he thought angrily.

“Jungsu,” Kyuhyun protested. “Get up.”

“But I just sat down.”

Kyuhyun came over and pulled him up. “You need to get out more.”

Jungsu reluctantly relented.

They stayed by the cherry trees for a bit before they decided to leave. However, before they left, Kyuhyun went up to a random cherry tree and kissed its trunk.

“Tree-hugger,” Jungsu teased.

Kyuhyun laughed brightly as he made his way to Jungsu. “I only wanted to taste it.”

“How’s a tree taste?” he inquired lightly.

“A bit chalky,” Kyuhyun deadpanned.

Standing up, Jungsu stretched his legs and arms. He should really continue walking, but instead, he approached a blossom-less cherry tree and grazed his lips over the bark. It tasted of nectarines.

Sighing again, Jungsu somberly followed the white path until he reached his destination. He was here. The pebbled road and the grey dots were conspicuous. Kicking the snow with his boots, he picked up a few smooth pebbles from the ground and continued on his way.

Taking a left, a right, and another left, Jungsu finally found himself in front of a gravestone. Brushing away the snow that gathered at the top of the marker, Jungsu knelt down and gingerly placed the pebbles on the top.

Removing his gloves, he ran his fingers over the engraved name. “Hey baby,” he rasped sorrowfully. “It’s me.”

A/N: Yay! I broke up Kyuteuk. :D
Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/eeteuk
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